The Historic General Dodge House, in addition to our regular House tours, offers several special programs for groups, suited for the 2-8th grade audience.

We will bring the program to you…

Soldiers Aid Society: Discover what men and women on the home front did to support the troops in the field and help the Union Cause. These women (along with many men) held the family life together while the soldiers fought in battle.

Presidential Ties: How many of you have met the President of the United States? Dodge not only met the President but was personal friends with many. Some even dined in the Dodge House.

1869: What was going on in Council Bluffs, the State of Iowa, the United States and the world the same year the General built his home? From inventions, to food, to travel to clothing… you’re sure to learn something new.

From the war-fields to the White House: Six men from the Civil War were elected President of the United States and lived in the White House. Some of theses men spent time in Dodge’s own home being entertained and/or using it as a private office.

 At the Dodge House

  • The Meaning of Underwear“: Contrast Victorian life with modern day through clothing. A selection of students will try on the successive layers of men’s and women’s clothing from the Victorian era. Lively discussions on the purpose of each layer, and what this meant about Victorian Society and our own. Take plenty of pictures of this rollicking good time! 3rd -5th grade 1-1.5 hours. Includes a short movie about General Dodge and quick walk through the Dodge House.


  • A Servant’s Life“: Walk in the steps of a servant in the Dodge Household and view life from their eyes. Take the servants staircase, carry in the afternoon tea, and try your hand at the Victorian way of doing laundry or polish the silver! Learn first hand about being a servant in the Dodge home!! 2nd-8th grade 1-1.5 hours. Includes a short movie about General Dodge.


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